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Mompreneur Minute

Hi! I'm Elissa, an Author, Speaker,

and Digital & Lifestyle Designer!

And I want to help you DESIGN A LIFE YOU LOVE

Who am i?

I'm a Mompreneur and Author who didn't want to have to choose between having a family, ​and following my dreams. So I didn't. And somehow I've managed to spend the last almost 10 ​years doing both.

Now I help people restore hope in themselves and their dreams, so they can Design a Life ​They LOVE just like I have.

Even though, in spite of and JUST BECAUSE.

That's why I published 2 books, started StacyCo Digital and Lifestyle Designs,

Trademarked the FITWITHIN Brand (ITS NOT A DIET ITS A LIFESTYLE and its FITNESS ​FROM THE INSIDE OUT) and founded the TEES for Truth Organization.

For every one StacyCo TRUTH tee purchased one is donated to T4T for a child in need, so ​despite their circumstances they get the opportunity to hear God's Truth for them.

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My Passion is

Please check out T4T here

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Lifestyle Design

  • Designing a life you love
  • Fitness from the inside out
  • Design your space and our life the way you want it.
  • Become the person youve always wanted to be
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Digital Marketing & Branding

  • Building a healthy foundation for your business
  • Online presence & Branding
  • Marketing and Growth

Author and SPeaker

  • Inspire, encourage, restore Hope through my speaking and writing.
  • Sharing my story and helping you change yours.
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Fit Wi hin

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My Purpose began,

Where the Story Begins,

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Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of an imaginary line. -Cross it

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